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  • Abby Blake

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  • Alex Perez

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  • Andrew Dunn

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  • Anthony Whalen

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  • Cody Sliger

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  • Derrick Willock

    AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
    NPC Men's Physique Competitor
    ☆ Team Training, Diet Planning, Beginner Training, Contest Prep. ☆
  • Jay McClain

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  • John Augeri

    John Augeri is certified through the NSCA as a Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator and specializes in performance enhancement, corrective exercise and lifestyle coaching for tactical athletes, including firefighters, law enforcement and military personnel, as well as high school athletes, obstacle/mud race participants and individuals looking to move and perform better. John aspires to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a New York City Firefighter within the next few years and has extensively studied the work of Mark Rippetoe, Mel Siff, Eric Cressey and many other leading experts in the field of Strength and Conditioning to ready himself for the physical demands of the job. Using the insight gained in the areas of training, nutrition and recovery during his years of preparation, he strives to lead people towards their ideal lifestyles and the attainment of their wildest dreams. When he's not training, he enjoys surfing, cooking and quality time with friends and family.

    NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator
    Associate Degree in Exercise Science

    Courses Attended in 2015:
    Postural Restoration Institute: Postural Respiration, Pelvis Restoration, Myokinematic Restoration, PRI For Fitness and Movement
    Elitefts Sports Performance Summit, Cressey Sports Performance Seminar, Nutrition and Recovery with Dr. Mike Israetel and Dr. James Hoffman

    Courses He Will Attend in 2016:
    Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach, PRI Impingement and Instability, PRI Cervical Revolution

  • JonoVan Lee

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  • Jorrell Owens

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  • Jose Vega

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  • Lance Lopez

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  • Richard McMillan

    In 2009, McMillan Training Systems began in a 200 square foot garage. A year later, with the help of loyal clients, McTS was able to move into the current location, a 15000 square foot training facility, focused on the best personal training for any level. We offer a full indoor obstacle course and are a fully equipped training center. At McTS you will find the area's top strength and conditioning training with services for all ages, levels, and needs. I have worked with all realms of athletes from professional to youth, as well as weight loss or specific goal oriented training.

    Rick was born and raised in North Central Illinois and was a runner throughout his early school years. He later joined the US Air Force as Security Police Specialist, serving one term and then entering the reserves program. While serving in England, Rick played one year for the American Football Oxford Bulldogs. Later married which brought him to Lancaster eventually, Rick has worked for Father Flanagan Boys and Girls Home and earned his Bachelors in Education; social studies from Millersville University and later added his Masters in Sports Management and Coaching. Rick has worked within Division I athletics as an assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and has served as Health and Fitness Director of a national gym. Rick has been certified by the NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach; CrossFit; Defranco Training Systems; the American Council on Exercise; USA Weightlifting; Parisi; ASEP - sports management, nutrition, sport law, coaching. With the various certification background Rick has also kept himself educated through conferences and training seminars, examples are Westside Barbell and EliteFTS Powerlifting experience. Rick has also kept himself active by participating in Tough Mudder and Spartan races, competed with Nabba for bodybuilding, RPS powerlifting and Tri Fitness Challenge.
  • Ricky Pabon

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  • Sarah Placencia

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  • Steve Banh

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